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What are our clients saying?

I am an extremely experienced public speaker, and a trial lawyer of nearly 40 years. However, using Diana Howles to assist me in the process of making important videos was well worth the time and effort. Diana reviewed the materials and my style of presentation, and made excellent suggestions for focus, movement, direction and mood. I trusted her judgment, and there is no doubt that we created an improved product with her guidance. Claude DuCloux, Attorney at Law


Listed below are our service offerings for this category.

Video Presentation Coaching

Do you need to present on-camera for online video, but aren’t quite sure how to do it well?

At Howles Associates, we offer virtual or in-person video coaching to help improve your on-camera presence and overall effectiveness on video. We provide:

Video Scriptwriting

Do you need help writing a video script that keeps viewers engaged?

At Howles Associates, our scriptwriters can significantly impact your ability to come across naturally and conversationally on-camera. We provide the following:



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