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Visual Communication Design


Listed below are our service offerings for this category.

Consulting Services

Need help designing effective presentation visuals?

At Howles Associates, we consult with you on your presentation visuals to ensure your slides are visually memorable, support your main content, follow evidence-based design principles, and make a powerful impact.

Design & Development

Imagine not having time to create your slide visuals the way they should be crafted because there’s no time to do it the right way.

At Howles Associates, our designers know how to create presentation visuals to effectively match your presentation content. Our services include:

Visual Aid Coaching

Do you have respectable presentation slides but receive feedback that you are not presenting effectively with them?

At Howles Associates, we can help you remain primary in your presentation while your visuals take a supplementary role. Our coaching focuses on:


Click here for training opportunities in visual communication, and to find out more about our competency-based online and face-to-face offerings.