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“There is a difference between going through the motions as a virtual trainer and truly excelling by doing your best work. We help you work toward proficiency in these higher-level skills.”

Diana L. Howles
Author, Speaker, Trainer

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Our specialty focuses on three main areas: virtual training, virtual presentation coaching, and learning experience design. Within these areas, we offer speaking services, online customized classes on virtual training, coaching, and consulting services. We’re here to help you take your virtual training, online presence, and learning design experiences to the next level so you can achieve greater organizational success.

Surpass the Basics of Virtual Training with this Award-Winning Resource

“As virtual trainers and educators, you experience how deeply rewarding it is to help learners journey toward that aha moment. This book is meant to push you farther than you thought possible and inspire new ideas of your own. Take and apply the nuggets that resonate with you to help you tune and polish your craft.”

– Diana L. Howles, Author

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Memorable and meaningful learning experiences

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“The live session was excellent! The concepts, the examples, the polls—it was all very helpful.”