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Next Level Virtual Training

By Diana Howles

This award-winning book, Next Level Virtual Training: Advance Your Facilitation, is the distinguished recipient of the North American Book Award, Axiom Business Book Award, and Goody Business Book Award. Written by master facilitator Diana L. Howles, this book surpasses the basics of online synchronous instruction, by providing in-depth insights into modern, higher-level challenges. And in today’s world, virtual training is a core professional skill set. Readers are introduced to the Virtual Trainer Capability Model, which identifies eight areas of expertise for the top virtual professional. A train-the-virtual-trainer resource, this book develops your knowledge and skills to facilitate interactivity, leverage your voice, engage virtual learners, and so much more! You’ll also find groundbreaking chapters on developing on-camera competence, applying learning experience design to virtual training, and delivering hybrid training with both on-site and online learners in a post-pandemic hybrid work environment. Whether you’re a live online facilitator, virtual designer, developer, evaluator, or producer, this book is for you. And as a bonus, don’t miss out on the book’s 101 actionable tips you can apply right away!

What Do Readers Say?

“A timely book that tackles all the current challenges to designing and delivering successful virtual learning. Diana’s Virtual Trainer Capability Model is a must, and the 101 Pro Tips are what you would expect from this virtual learning pro. This is a required reference for all talent development professionals.”

“Now that virtual training has become mainstream, learners’ expectations of trainers are higher than ever. Diana Howles has created a masterful step-by-step guide to develop and deliver dynamic training through a comprehensive capability model. This extraordinarily useful book is a must-read for virtual trainers and educators who want to grow their skills to the next level.”

“Need to take your virtual training skills up a notch? Look no further. Diana Howles provides you with the map to climb to the next level. Her expertise, advice, and inspiration will motivate you to go for it and reach your highest professional level of excellence.”

“While the world has seen an explosion of virtual training, the reality is that it takes special skills to design and deliver a truly excellent learning experience. Diana has written a comprehensive guide that will help you up level and polish your virtual training skills. This guide is filled with tips and strategies to increase your mastery and confidence.”

Designing the Online Learning Experience

By Simone C. W. Conceição and Les L. Howles

Designing the Online Learning Experience provides a holistic approach for thinking about learners, online learning, and design so that the experience is more personalized, engaging, and meaningful. The authors refer to learning design instead of the traditional instructional design which places the instructor at the center. Instead, the focus is shifted to the learner’s online course experience as a journey. Creating online courses in today’s age requires new ways of thinking with new design ideas and approaches. It also requires a new set of learning design skills for those facilitating the learning. This book not only provides an innovative framework, but also strategies for how to approach the learning experience for both experienced and new instructors alike. The strategies identified in the book are evidence-based learning principles and encourage the reader to adopt an empathic mindset focused on the learner’s experience.

What Do Readers Say?

“Designing effective instruction is hard. So, too, is designing engaging experiences. Doing both together is even harder! Fortunately, Conceição and Howles have written a principled, yet practical guide to systematically creating engaging and effective online courses.”

“Conceição and Howles draw on their experiences as both scholars and practitioners to create a holistic way to think about learning. Both newcomers and experienced online instructors and designers will find creative solutions and strategies to make online teaching more engaging, personalized, and meaningful. The authors share a map to the future of online teaching and learning.”

“Exceptionally informative, impressively organized and presented, Designing the Online Learning Experience is especially timely.”

“Conceição and Howles’ book digs deep and explains what it truly means to be learner-centered. Their integrated framework brings a fresh approach to online instruction. The text delivers the right mix of research and practical strategies to empower both new and experienced instructors and course designers to craft the best possible online learning experiences.”

ATD’s Handbook for Consultants – NEW!

By Contributing Author, Diana L. Howles

ATD’s Handbook for Consultants will guide your successful consultant journey. This incredible resource delivers great insights and advice for successful consulting practices. You won’t want to miss the world-class recommendations, fresh ideas, and seasoned best practices. Whether you’re thinking about starting your own consulting business or taking your current practice to the next level, learn how to successfully market, write proposals, strategize, deliver results, and so much more.

Resilient Women In Life & Business: 18 Successful Business Women Share Their Best Thinking And Strategies To Build An Inspiring Life And Business

By Contributing Author, Diana L. Howles

Resilient Women in Life & Business features unforgettable stories and strategic insights from 18 successful business women from around the world! You will be inspired by these incredible global leaders who share their raw stories of challenge and triumph. The authors communicate their desire to excel despite obstacles and challenges and authentically share stories of perseverance. Readers learn the importance of cultivating resilience and will be motivated to develop even greater resiliency. Contributing authors include Diana L. Howles, Jen Buck, Amy Siewe, Baljit Joshi, Cari Frame, Estela Dalayoan-Pinlac, Lisa Marie Gilbert, Shenneile Henry, Whitney Elkins-Hutten, Kylie Denton, Christine Cowern, Sheron Kenny, Alessandra Wall, Katt Philipps, Sammy Blindell, Elena Meskhi, Susan Routledge, and Kim Hayden. Celebrate the women in your life by gifting them this inspiring resource of stories written by women for women!

What Do Readers Say?

“Inspiration and insights from women whose stories of resilience are empowering!”

“Such heartfelt stories and amazing advice that I will take with me to help me navigate the business world!”

“What a fantastic book! I was inspired from the very first page and knew that this book was going to help me build my resilience in order to live life on my terms.”

“A fabulous book written by an amazing group of inspiring women.”

Unstoppable: Female Entrepreneurs Living Fearlessly

By Contributing Author, Diana L. Howles

Unstoppable: Female Entrepreneurs Living Fearlessly will introduce you to successful businesswomen from around the world. Join their journey as they share secrets to their remarkable success, how they’ve embraced challenge, learned lessons of agility, experienced transformation, and triumphed over adversity. You’ll be inspired by their stories of perseverance and impact. Don’t miss out on this resource to inspire and empower your own unstoppable journey! Contributing authors include Diana L. Howles, Lynda Sunshine West, Sally Larkin Green, Alice Dartnell, Jacalyn M. Price, Sylvia Chavez, S. Kay McBreairty, Fari Eskandari Gonzaque, Julie Page, Kathi Sohn, Adele Rose, Mary-Frances Buckland, and Sophie Teixeira de Abreu.

What Do Readers Say?

“Each chapter is a true testament to the power of female entrepreneurship. This is a must-read for emerging and established entrepreneurs alike!”

“We asked Howles Associates to create some multimedia learning that mimicked a popular game show, and all of us were truly impressed with the results! Howles Associates listened carefully to our needs and got it right the first time.”