Howles Associates Services

Our training classes and workshops are highly interactive, include many real-world examples, and of course, lots of practical applications to help you transfer what you learn right back to the workplace. All our training classes are competency-based to help you learn the skills you need without all the extras.


Looking for a speaker who can energize participants, create a memorable experience, and inspire your audience at the same time? Look no further. At Howles Associates, we take pride in doing just that. Reach out to us if you need learning and development speakers for your next event.

“Crowning jewel of the conference!”

“Diana is one of the best virtual presenters I have seen.”


Our coaching services begin right where you are. Then together, we consult with you to identify your goals and create a specific plan to guide your development journey. If requested, we can also provide either verbal, written, or recorded critiques to help you identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Coaching services are available for virtual training skills, virtual presentations, and learning experience design.

“I am an extremely experienced public speaker, and a trial lawyer of nearly 40 years. Diana reviewed the materials and my style of presentation, and made excellent suggestions for focus, movement, direction, and mood. I trusted her judgment, and there is no doubt that we created an improved product with her guidance.”

“As a sales leader, I found Diana’s coaching on delivering effective presentations to be invaluable to me and our other sales leaders. Diana is very professional in her approach which put us in the best position to succeed. Diana also led by example when she had opportunities to speak with senior leadership, which helped her be a very effective coach because of her credibility.”

Screenshot of Diana Howles Zoom presentation

Training – Virtual, Hybrid/Live Mixed, and In-Person Sessions

We offer virtual training classes, hybrid training sessions (combining learners who are both online and on-location), and in-person workshops. We customize offerings, so they’re tailored right for your organization. Most of our offerings are blended learning programs that combine the best of asynchronous and synchronous elements.

Topics Include:

  • How to Elevate your Virtual Training Skills
  • How to Effectively Teach Live Online
  • What You Need to Know: How to Successfully Facilitate Hybrid/Live Mixed Training
  • Developing a Powerful Online Presence
  • Designing Online Learning Experiences

“I immediately began developing materials using the information and skills I acquired at this session. This was very useful for me.”

“Your voice and slides are so professional, and the attendees really enjoy the real-time interaction. You are a pro!”


Our consulting services include a wide spectrum of learning and development areas. We consult on virtual training prep and delivery, learning experience design, and on-camera presence.

people sitting around table in office

“Thanks for challenging me to make my virtual sessions better! You are moving us from reaction and ‘getting by’ in the sudden switch to virtual to responding well and doing our best work.”