About Howles Associates

At Howles Associates, we make it our business to know your business with tailored, complimentary calls to ensure we meet your specific needs. Quite simply, we love what we do . . . and we hope you will too!

We began our business in 2007 by designing and developing a variety of different learning solutions, including gamification and multimedia customized tutorials, workshops, and training for clients. Altogether, we bring decades of experience and expertise in learning and development to your door.

Diana L. Howles, MA is an award-winning speaker, global virtual facilitator, award-winning author, and master trainer who brings 25 years of experience in the learning industry. A virtual and hybrid training expert, she has designed and facilitated live online, hybrid, and blended learning programs for organizations since 2000 in more than a dozen countries. As a professional speaker, she has addressed hundreds of audiences, and has trained Fortune 100 and 500 companies, government agencies, and academic institutions on a variety of professional business skills. Currently, she is CEO and co-owner of Howles Associates, LLC. Her articles on learning have appeared in publications such as TD, Learning Solutions, Training magazine, and trainingmag.com. Her book, Next Level Virtual Training: Advance Your Facilitation (2022) is the winner of three business book awards. She is also a contributing author to  Resilient Women in Life and Business (2023), Unstoppable: Female Entrepreneurs Living Fearlessly (2024), and ATD’s Handbook for Consultants (2024). Diana earned her master’s degree from Colorado State University and is a sought-after speaker at international in-person and virtual conferences and events.

Les L. Howles, MS is an emeritus faculty associate and former director of Distance Education Professional Development at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has over 30 years of experience in distance education, eLearning, multimedia production, and instructional design. Throughout his career, Les has developed and taught online courses, designed educational software, and led numerous professional teams in higher education, corporate training, government, and health care in creating innovative learning solutions. He has authored and co-authored numerous articles for peer-reviewed professional publications and co-authored the book, Designing the Online Learning Experience (2021). He completed graduate studies in Educational Technology from the University of Oregon. Currently, he is co-owner and Director of Learning Design for Howles Associates and an eLearning design strategist. He brings to his work a combined emphasis on learning science research, design thinking, and learning innovation.

Our Associates

Our team of Associates specialize in a variety of multimedia and learning and development skills. We lead projects by enlisting the best expertise to match your needs. Our Associates are:

  • Virtual Facilitators
  • Virtual Presentation Coaches
  • Learning Design Consultants
  • Multimedia Specialists

How We Work

Our commitment to you in everything we do from consulting to coaching is to be results driven, innovative, learning experience focused, and incorporate learning science research to create memorable and meaningful learning experiences with impact.

  • RESULTS DRIVEN – We meet your needs by identifying upfront the job you are hiring a learning solution to do.
  • INNOVATIVE – We continually embrace innovation and creativity with an open mindset and keep a watchful eye on the ever-changing landscape of learning technologies.
  • LEARNING EXPERIENCE FOCUSED – We focus on the people and create holistic, learner and task-centered learning experiences that are both memorable and impactful.
  • APPLY LEARNING SCIENCE RESEARCH – We stay current and our principles and learning strategies are grounded in evidence-based, learning science research.